A full featured email client

KooMail is a full-featured e-mail client software, powerfull and easy to use. KooMail supports IMAP, POP3, APOP, SMTP, MSN/Hotmail, SSL, RSS, etc. Spam filter assists regulating messages; Manage your multiple accounts. Besides these, koomail's size is very small and it's speed is very fast.

Compared with others email client software,KooMail has many virtues:

  • Support virtual folder
  • Remote function to manipulate messages on server direct
  • Copy to USB-Disk
  • Powerful mail template support
  • Every account can take its own settings such as network settings
  • Support RSS
  • Write html message,embed image,etc.
  • More html message read options
  • Timing to send message
  • More skins to choose from
  • Send messages directly via SMTP



KooMail 2.9

User reviews about KooMail

  • ejayinaz

    by ejayinaz

    "The Best!"

    I've tried practially all email clients. Used Outlook and OE, FF until it became too bloated to load and used too many r... More.

    reviewed on May 5, 2010

  • Albert Edmund Hay

    by Albert Edmund Hay


    Initially, brilliant, I'm getting to know it. However, I feel one element is missing - an English (or international)... More.

    reviewed on October 27, 2009